How to Hedge your life?

What can we learn for life from Hedge funds?

“Hedge” as they say is a concept relevant to Finance.

To “Hedge” is to limit or qualify (something) by conditions or exceptions OR alternatively trimming the edges.

To think of it, why wouldn’t you hedge your life?

Would you put all your eggs of life in a single basket? Would risk it all to achieve one single objective?

We get conditioned to think that there is some ulterior motive to life. We were probably born to achieve this motive. MAY BE NOT!!

Is life sort of like an ALL-IN in Poker? Life can’t be an ALL-IN. In life, with experience we learn that even after an ALL-IN there is still something left (Unless of course you’re jumping off a cliff).

Why wouldn’t you study while working? Why wouldn’t you work on your dream book? Is the TV show more important than the pay check from freelancing that you didn’t take up?

We think we have simple choices to make. Choose A and let go of B. Why not get a chunk of both. Or get both. Greedy may be good. After all Darwin: “Survival of the fittest”.

The more you want=> more your chances of a better life. WHY SETTLE for LESS?

HEDGING for life: distribute the risks of your life among various avenues. Trim the edges.

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