Christmas Spirit

Who doesn’t love receiving gifts?

Christmas was simply better as a kid. I have yet to hear of a single person to tell me they like Christmas more now they are an adult.

This is easily explained:

As kids we received money and toys and sweets. We would have an amazing dinner, unpack the gifts and play with our new toys. It was amazing, but I now that I am older, I realize this wasn’t even the best part.

The best part was not having to worry about anything.

Christmas is such a stressful event. You have to get gifts, decorate, and inviting your entire family over is always stressful.

As a kid, none of this mattered. People helped you with getting gifts, or you just drew something as a gift. You did not help with the cleaning, the preparation.

Now as an adult, at least age-wise, you start realizing how much work and in turn stress is necessary to have such an amazing Christmas. You start understanding how much more your parents and other family were working in order for you to have a great evening and not have to worry about anything.

With all the stress created, it is no wonder many people, myself included, do not feel the same kind of “Christmas spirit”.

When we were younger, the entire period of the holidays was special and somehow magical. As an adult, you are constantly working towards this one evening, to make it the best possible, and in turn often forget to enjoy the weeks leading up to Christmas.

On top of all that, who the f***** actually enjoys getting pans and underpants more than new awesome toys?

Apparently we do as adults. No wonder we were happier with our gifts as kids. We got to play with our toys and do what we want, and not just get to cook the next family dinner in our new frying pan.

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