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Kennewick bankruptcy attorney Patrick D. McBurney can help you solve your money problems. FREE consultation for Bankruptcy, chapter 7 & chapter 13 — don’t leave things to chance… protect what’s yours.
The lawyers at McBurney Law Offices will help stop wage garnishments, repossessions, harassing creditor calls, IRS problems, lawsuits and foreclosures. If you want to eliminate your financial worries, stop foreclosure, save your home, then you want to call Patrick today. He and his team have the expertise to also help protect you from those nasty and harassing phone calls: He will help stop garnishments, stop creditors from calling you and give you peace of mind in these troubling times. 
One call solves it all — if you’re in Eastern Washington call Kennewick Bankruptcy Attorney Patrick McBurney and eliminate those sleepless nights brought on because of your money problems.

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