Why I can’t wait to leave Mentally Friendly

By Bill Searle (Developer)

For some context, Mentally Friendly is a product agency based in sunny Sydney, Australia. We’re pretty darn good at it but that’s not what I’m here to talk about…

I’ve been working as developer at MF for two ’n’ half years and I can’t wait to leave. So much so, I’ve told the boss man and he’s cool about it.

But I haven’t quit — nor do I plan to. So WTF am I talking about and why is the boss man ok with it?

Let me show you.

I’ve seen the boss man be kidnapped. Black bag pulled over his head, hog tied, carried out and dumped on the street before being bundled on to a bus so we could him take away for his birthday.

I’ve seen a horse drawn carriage arrive to take away the posh boy for a night of “Curryoke”.

I’ve seen a Barbie pink stretch Hummer arrive to take away the not so posh boy for an evening of shooting lasers.

I’ve seen the Future.

It came when our sister company, Future Friendly launched.

I’ve seen the 50's.

Suits. Hair dos. Typewriters and Cocktails.

I’ve seen the boss man getting his priorities in order. 🍻

I’ve seen 30 people hit a water slide in sumo suits, run each other over in Zorbs, wage a water bomb war while BBQing the weekend away.

We have a blow out end of year, long weekend away.
Yeah I know other places do this too but after 4 days of starting at MF I was flown to Byron Bay where I spent 3 days in a huge, luxurious house with all my new colleagues. Which I soon learnt isn’t a word here.
You have colleagues, we have friends. It’s literally in our name and in our windows.

I don’t know who “grumpyyounglady” is but we gave her food for thought on her walk home.

So why can’t I wait to leave? 
Because I know it’ll be a grand send off. 
Celebrated with all my Friends.
Because that’s what friends do.

But in the meantime I’m happy to continue the dressing up and partying with them, either for their birthdays, their work anniversaries, a Friday or any other day and sometimes when they sadly leave us.

Sometimes we even work together. Then some really cool stuff happens.

If you’d like to be a my new Friend, check out who we’re looking for here.

And thats why the boss man is cool with it too.