Mobile rules the Internet — so what?

Congratulations, smartphone. You win the Internet. Out of the most popular websites most traffic is coming from smartphones. Google confirmed last year that more searches are coming from mobile devices than computers in 10 countries, including the United States. Amazon reported that last year during the holiday season, over 60% of their shoppers came from mobile devices. And even Wikipedia reported that 61% of its users that leverage the English version of the site came from mobile.

60% of 2015 holiday shoppers came from mobile devices. — Amazon

So, yes, mobile rules the Internet. This trend has lead us to say “Sayonara, computers!” But this is just the first step in moving towards a world where only mobile devices are being used.

Why does mobile rule the Internet?

Our phones can do WAY more than they ever could in the past. They have more storage, they’ve got faster processors, they’ve got better cameras, they’re more convenient. These are the things that matter to a mobile audience. We’re always on the move and we want our information to be, too. We’re searching for restaurants, parks, movie theaters and the answers to our zaniest questions all while on the move. We don’t wait to get home and boot up our desktop, we grab the mini-computer that we carry in our pocket to answer these questions or give us directions.

How can I incorporate this into my business?

Right now, you’re saying, “OK, I get it, mobile devices are important. How can I make sure that my online presence meets the expectations of this mobile audience?”

First, visit your company’s URL on a mobile browser. How does it look? Is your website responsive, see how it loads. Is the beautiful website you see on a desktop responsive? Or is it super small, causing your users to have to pinch and zoom to utilize your website and information.

Second, does your company have a mobile app? If so, make sure it’s giving the experience that you want your end users to receive. We share a short list of questions to ask yourself and your team:

  • Is the experience up-to-date?
  • Is navigation current?
  • Have you made any updates?
  • Is any portion of your app broken?
  • Are your users happy with the app and continue to use it or do they download and delete?

These are all important questions to ask yourself and your team when considering your mobile user base and the resources you’re looking to share with them.

I’ll leave you with one last tid-bit of information. If you’re not meeting your consumers where they’re at, either from an app or website perspective, you’re potentially losing 50% of your users on a day to day basis. The cost to ensure that your business is ready for a mobile-only audience, and likely the future of technology, outweighs the potential loss taken if your company is not prepared to meet people where they’re at.

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Authored by Sarah Rockholt.