UX: Why Good Design is Important

Design. It’s all around us. It’s integral to what we do on a daily basis in the software space. But what does design mean outside of software development and the industry itself? What does it mean for the humans using it?

Life, simplified.

As our UX Designer Anna Dehn puts it:

“…design is everything but good design is also invisible. If it’s a good design, there’s no need to comment on it — it integrates smoothly into your life. It’s seamless, bringing all the pieces of your life together.”

The best example? A constructed vs user-made foot path. Although there’s a designed path for people to follow, users have “gone rogue” and created their own way of getting where they need to go - one that does not make their life more complicated, but allows them to simply get to their destination faster. User experience is how the humans using your product see ability to make their lives simpler.

Making It All Work

User experience is important, but it’s just one part of design. Design as a whole impacts the way products are purchased; design could decide if a company thrives or fails.

We want to provide a comfortable pair of shoes to walk in or an app that is easy and intuitive to use. We want to provide a product that works seamlessly with the purchaser’s life.

“If you don’t create a design that includes people, you’re alienating people. You’re excluding people. You’re removing people from your potential client base.”

It’s important to recognize a clear need for your customers, but we can’t always solve all of our client’s problems. Focus on what your company is great at and make that experience better over time.

Want to hear more? Watch as Ryan Pena and Anna Dehn discuss design:

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Authored by Sarah Rockholt.