Almost L(aughed)OL

My neighbor for the last decade and I have become well acquainted, some might even use the word friends. It’s a relation that had, 'til HRC won the nomination, been characterized by long and frequent conversations over coffee. She almost always chose the topic; still does. She also does damn near all the talk’n, but I don’t mind.

Before the DNC/HIL machine stole the nomination, we were on the same page politically. After Hillary was named, my neighbor kept to herself 'til the election was over with only about two exceptions, neither for more than 5 minutes.

Well, we’re back to our old routine again. Almost. I had a feeling she voted for Trump. She did.

The transmission in my van took a dump last week and it’s still in the shop. I needed to go to town today so, I called my neighbor last night and asked if she was making her usual Monday morning excursion and if so, could I ride along. She concented and this morning we left at 08:30, spent all morning making several stops, and did a lot of talking. Well, okay listening; she did a lot of talking, mostly several different defenses of Trump.

In my role as designated listener, participation requires little more than an occasional question and enough disagreement so she knows I’m still not convinced.

When we were almost back home, I made some kind of remark and she went right to it. As we pulled up to the place where we all park, she had already finished her defense and topped it off with a justification that went:

“A lot of people think that way; I’m not the only one who thinks that way.”

THAT was what made me start to LOL but I caught myself and only broke out an ear-to-ear grin. Then I said, “Sounds a lot like something I’d hear at Western State.” (Western State Hospital for the mentally 'disturbed’”)

She knew what Western State is, but I’m not sure she made the connection. I thought it best not to push it. The same goes for ending this story here.

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