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Miguel Mourato

From Points of Other Views

I’m trying to fully grasp what central point is being, or expected to be made here. Generally, somewhat of a summary that the last paragraph provides will make, remake, or put a finger on where the central point has been made. In this case, I have to admit that, if it has been made, I can’t find it. Moreover, I don’t think I’d recognize it if I did find it.

You begin with the declaration that War Is Boring is a liberal site. Fine. That’s your perspective to which you’re entitled; one, I’d venture, is shared with more than a few. It’s also the one thing that made me stop and ponder the value in responding because my initial impulse was to simply say, “…and?”

So when I’d read all that was presented, it seemed as if I had, for my first time ever, just experienced an encounter with a graduate from the Donald J. Trump School of Journalistic License. Not intending to be flippant nor in any way insulting, in terms vernacular, no offense, but the absence of specificity of anything tied or remotely related to anything else was just indescribable in any other way.

The claim made isn’t followed by any supporting, well, any supporting anything. In fact, it’s abandoned and left to stand or fall on its own; as if making the statement was sufficient. BTW, fyi, I consider myself a “good” progressive (NOT A DEMOCRAT) and do not accept your characterization of DJT as my “sworn enemy”. Just saying.

What Betsy DeVos brings to the table of any discussion, with the possible exception of money, is questionable at best. What she’s doing in this conversation is a complete mystery. Here’s another fyi moment, to reference facts in terms of legitimacy is an exercise in redundancy; or, to put it another way, I think you’d make Kellyane Conway nervous, worring about losing her position as top graduate from that aforementioned school. Her best effort was, “alternative”? Hardly compares to “legitimate”.

Having saved the one that pushed me over the edge for last, here’s the first sentence of your last paragraph:

IF the editors of War Is Boring can’t accept the realities of war, as in, wars are mostly fought for gain, be it individual or national.” (added emphasis and quote marks are mine)

Notice anything (like the fact that it’s an incomplete sentence)? If they can’t…

If they can’t, then what? Let me put it this way. I not only can’t, I don’t. I don’t have to and won’t! I know what the realities are and that’s precisely why I won’t accept them. What’s more is I reject them. The reason you cite I agree is the primary one at the root of conflict. I would add that it has been said, “War is merely a word men use to justify and hide the nakedness of their violent and murderous ways.”

Here’s a thought that, IMHO, is worth the investment of time for contemplation. What if there was a mandate to imprison anyone suggesting that armed conflict might be a good thing? That way, those “people” could test their theory on others holding the same theory all in a location that keeps the rest of us safe from their lunacy.

Your thoughts?

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