Let’s Rebuild our Infrastructure, Not Provide Tax Breaks to Big Corporations and Wall Street
Bernie Sanders

Heart On My Sleeve

Senator Sir, you have my vote! I caucused for you when Washington State Democrats held theirs, and in the general, wrote your name in. Future blessings, good health, and prosperity to you and yours.

I don’t know how nor why some think it makes any sense to go so much further into debt to build a wall where one already exists despite the next-to-nothing return on the massive investment. I’ve always thought it a foolish decision to allow so many aspects of infrastructure, locally and nationally, to fall into disrepair. Thirty years ago there were symptoms emerging that exposed what neglect had already caused and it seems common sense would inform the increasing rate of deterioration as being directly proportional to the length of time neglect continues and pictured as sinusoidal.

Now, thirty years later, the effects of neglect continue to be ignored. Moreover, the neglect of air quality is beginning to display what deterioration of THAT looks like and trying to visualize it as sinusoidal isn’t a common sense accomplishment. It may not even be accurately applicable.

But what ever happened to the common sense that dictates prudence when faced with the possibility of calamity? What ever happened to the kind of good sense reasoning that says, better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it? It’s as if insanity has become contagious and I hesitate to allow myself to be found in a public setting!

If the DNC and the Clinton Campaign hadn’t colluded to steal the nomination, you WOULD have been elected, and don’t let anyone tell you not. Where you had coattails, she had barricades and under-construction/detour signs. Hundreds of thousands of Millennials had cast protest votes. Thinking they were going to “teach” Democrats a “lesson” for failing to nominate you, they voted for Trump. I wonder how many of those now feel that the Democrats have “learned” anything at all from their engagement with folly?

There were a huuge number of Republicans ready to vote for you too, and would have but for the hubris of leadership and blindness of ambition. You, sir, were the picture of courteous integrity, disciplined control, and focused determined decision making and, IMHO, are due the highest, greatest respect. I salute you, sir.

In closing, I offer this meager expression of gratitude to your wife and you for your continuing efforts to secure for our nation unqualified, all the blessings that liberty has to offer without exclusion.

_____ jfrazier

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