Em — thank you MenudoTyberiousBucket, I think.
Christine Costa

I see… ..now.

That my response was initially tagged as fiction served, at the time, as a source of mild consternation. Instead of ignoring the confusion infusion and deleting that tag, I probably should have tried to engage in some investigation. Your disclosure blew away the clouds and allowed the sunlight to illuminate what I failed to understand.

So there is no Isabelle, no Sam, or they exist, but by other names?

No, I have no objections to your writing style. On the contrary, what I said about your use of colorful adjectives and so forth was both true and intended to suggest that the remark made earlier should be understood as flippant, a rhetorical tug on your toes.

Thank you for such a generous account of my comments. I felt they deserved something much more critical. I usually try to avoid my involvement in anything by which I’m not directly affected, but find it a tall order for someone so opinionated.

___ MTB

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