I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

Just So You Know

I am 66 and will be 67 in October, Halloween to be exact, and I still don’t “have my shit together.” I’m not convinced that anyone ever gets their shit together, though there are plenty who would have us both believe otherwise.

In fact, I’ve concluded that the day one comes to believe that they have their shit together is the day they have been fully taken in, and the battle they think they have won is the one that, in reality, they lost.

It’s about fighting the good fight, to keep the faith, to shine the light of transparency in on the corners of shadowed evil and things that seek to be hidden for fear of being found out. Had I it all to do over, I’d choose journalism and risk my very life to expose the lies and let out the TRUTH. To lose my life in that way is the only confirmation that my shit was a little bit together, a confirmation that would arrive only for those left alive.

So fret not, but look to be a light for those who walk in darkness. Speak TRUTH, do what is right, and you’ll have no reason to fear death. It took me many years to come to this understanding. I hope I’ve saved you that investment.