Meow Balloon HK for Balloon Twisting Party in Hong Kong

Balloon twisting is one of the most important elements in each party! Each of our talented artists can produce between 20–30 balloon creations per hour and all balloons used are top quality, child friendly, 100% latex, and environmentally biodegradable. Your guests will be amazed by our artists’ incredible balloon creations! — balloon twisting hong kong

Meow Balloon offers famously gorgeous and also quality balloon cartoon in Hong Kong for the kids’ birthday parties, at a reasonable price! The designs we create are beautiful and different, like hero and princess series.

氣球師兼魔術師Elvis Wong,曾遠赴澳洲進行街頭表演,廣受歡迎。次年回港後,繼續發展生日會表演事業,同時提供生日會場地布置、扭波課程等服務。 — balloon twisting hong kong