The United States is a broken family.

Our parents, who started off with similar views and intentions that evolved and even switched over time, just ended a bitter battle for custody of us. Both sides used underhanded ways to undermine the other. Many lies were spoken to win our trust and gain our allegiance. We also had this sweet, caring, nurturing godmother, let’s call her Bernadine, who told us we deserved better, to love each other and ourselves, that we are all equal, because we are all brothers and sisters. Our mother didn’t approve of her interference and manipulated us to reject our godmother. What we don’t appreciate, is that our godmother is still fighting for the best possible outcome for us all.

Back to our parents’ custody battle…our dad, this old school, racist, and misogynistic white dude, managed to win custody of us all. He used everything in his power to do so. He used fear tactics, preying upon our distrust of one another; he cited bad things our mom did that he couldn’t prove, and among other methods of manipulation, he received much more help from his rich aunts and uncles, (some of whom are from Russia), than our mom could muster. In response, our mom compromised her integrity because she felt she had to equal the playing field. She lowered her standards to counter-attack dad’s unscrupulous behavior. This backfired, as it almost always does, and though the playing field was somewhat equalized, women still have to have higher standards to be respected. Women have to be flawless to win. So, custody was granted to dad in the end, despite mom’s record of working her entire adult life to serve us.

Something I’ve learned along the way is that you can’t hate your ex more than you love your child(ren). It will fuck them up. I believe our mom learned this lesson. Our father, who hates our mother, now drunk with power and support of those who will expect a return on their investments in him, is fucking us all up, whether you supported dad or not. In the end, he didn’t actually care about us as his children. In the end he was only seeking the satisfaction of beating our mom. Dad is going to continue to fuck us up, this I’m sure of. Our dad has never in his life sacrificed himself for us. He has never been there for us. He makes us promises and always breaks them.

As brothers and sisters, we have to hold each other up and fight for one another and stop this divide our parents inflicted upon us. There’s no other way for us and the ideals we share within our hearts as siblings, to survive.