In essence, we introduced the most creative Moroccan leather artisans to the highest quality European leather. The result is a first-rate weekender bag for the sophisticated traveler.

The experience begins on receipt of the bag: at an affordable price the new owner is automatically inducted into a world of vintage, luxury men’s leather goods at a fraction of the price that this kind of product usually commands.

Each leather weekender bag comes in a canvas drawstring protective sack.

Kamal and David, co-founders, have included a personalized note inside of each bag, along with instructions on how to care for it. These bags are hand made.

These bags will last.

The cool thing about our leather weekender is that it extends the ancient tradition of Moroccan leather design, which has started to die in the face of factory/industry related competition. We’ve found some of the most successful Moroccan leather designers who have been pushed out of the market, as tourists now opt for cheaper factory made options. We have employed them to help design vintage-style Moroccan bags, with high quality European materials.

The features that set are bag apart, and which are unique to Moroccan design include:

(1) Thick leather, and sturdy build, which stands on its own and does not collapse like most leather bags of its size.

(2) The bag is hand made, with a solid, heavy stitched construction, which is typical of Moroccan leather products.

(3) We made no compromises: nothing but the highest quality leather and metal parts have been used in the creation of the bag.

(4) Custom laptop pouch in the high-quality cotton lining.

The concept for Meqnes was born during a trip to Morocco…

…when we saw that the tradition of handmade leather in Morocco was (a) incredible in its style, and (b) dying because of competition with cheap knock-off manufacturers.

We took back a couple of the style to Europe, and were amazed that at every stop — every airport, every train-station — people were stopping us to ask where they could get bags like the ones we had. We realized that these were special bags and started working with the Moroccan artisans to come up with a design that would be true to the Moroccan tradition, but also appeal to the tastes of the fashionable man of business in the 21st century. We think we nailed it. We went through a dozen rounds of prototyping with several leather sources and several Moroccan designers until we arrived at the product we are going to be sharing with the world.

In total we’ve been working on this for about 9 months. But the idea has been brewing for much longer. We’ve been in the fashion business now for several years after our first project “Glamorous Pochette” was a hit success, locally, in Warsaw, Poland.


Kamal and David

Kamal Jahid, is an author, blogger, life coach, and stylist, originally from Morocco, and now based in Warsaw, Poland. His upbringing in the Moroccan leather markets and fashion scene more broadly is what inspired the Meqnes project. Indeed the name Meqnes is drawn from the city of Meknes, Morocco, which is his ancestral home city. He previously founded Glamorous Pochette, a men’s fashion brand based in Warsaw, Poland. His books have appeared in French, Polish and English.

David Liebers is a 2nd year student at Harvard Medical Student and historian who is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. While living in Warsaw, Poland, he previously assisted in developing the Glamorous Pochette line of men’s accessories, and has been a connoisseur of Men’s fashion for the better part of a decade.

The team has been ably assisted by a number of fashion experts including Polish designer Dawid Woliński whose clothes have been worn by Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Dita von Teese and Zuzanna Czerniej.

“Meqnes: this is my home”

To learn more about Meqnes, please visit: www.MEQNES.com