Fighting for Redemption! We won’t give up on our RIGHTS! #Spirewoodscandal

Why hope gives me reasons that I will get my SpireWoods home soon!

It seems like ages since the customers of Spire Edge and Spire Woods have been fighting against the injustice, which the developer AN Buildwell has flung upon them. It has been the emotion of hope that has brought all the customers together and has kept this fight alive.

AN Buildwell Pvt Ltd had announced the launch of two projects Spire Edge, a commercial project and Spire Woods, a residential project in the vicinity of Manesar. However, in 2014 all the directors from the company resigned and the company went into liquidation in Delhi High Court. With 60–65% of construction being completed, the ongoing work at both sites stalled. Both these projects were due to be delivered in 2014, but since the last two years, there has been no construction at these sites. It was when all seemed almost lost to the customers, the Indian judicial system and Haryana Govt. came to the aid and took the needed action. After sustained pressure from the government as well from the home buyers and investors, two of the company shareholders — Major (retd) SK Hooda and Sunil Gandhi have come forward to infuse their own money and get an outside developer to get these projects completed.

The revival plan is set to be submitted to High Court on October 26, and Mr. Hooda seems pretty hopeful of getting a positive response as this plan has been approved by the home buyers. Mr. Hooda has also committed to delivering the apartments as it was promised. The confidence of the shareholders also comes from the fact that ANB is a zero debt company. The initial confidence has already been boosted for the buyers as the developer has now started dewatering the waterlogged construction sites and is also cleaning those sites. Once the construction begins, the buyers will be confident enough to add in their money to get the projects completed as well. The revival scheme has been a very positive development in this case, and the engagement of buyers has brought about clear and meaningful solutions. As the home buyers and investors are in support of the revival scheme, they plan to sign the memorandum of understanding with the developer.

This whole journey of stress and fighting for the rights has been possible because the investors and buyers had hope. And it was this hope which brought in so many changes and actions were taken to bring the projects back on track. Hope has resulted in giving the buyers peace of mind and a good reason to believe that they will get their homes soon.

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