Family WhatsApp groups could breed more enemity than Unity.

In recent times the quest and continuous use of social media networks has proved to be even more dangerous than one would assume. In this piece I will talk about WhatsApp because it’s the most captivating and seemingly easy to use App, however it’s troubles never stop more so with groups.

The group admin/admins usually do not say much thus leaving much of the discussion to its members: it’s results are never so good as one would for example expect a family group to be operated. There are scenarios where relatives or family members are not actually fiends and this means that one has to be so very careful before posting anything to the family group to avoid being misunderstood which could in turn lead to a quarrel . Having heard and had to experience some of these , I realized that one should bear in mind the following;

.Always stick to the topic of discussion as suggested by the group admin.

-Avoid directly in boxing group members concerning the matter being discussed in the group.

  • Be quick to apologize in the group incase you realize that what you said offended a member.
  • Even in that family group, the elders still remain elders, pay them respect.
  • Always read very well the group thread in order to follow the conversation well.
  • Most importantly which is also

last but not least, when you find a discussion was started and completed well in the group even minus your contribution , respect that decision . Don’t come and dig out the topic from scratch.

NB; Don’t let social media create enemity between you & your family .

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