Three interesting colleagues I have met this Bootcamp

Nsikakabasi Awak

The first person I met in bootcamp was Nsikakabasi Awak, who is a full time problem solver( he also said he solves humans, if they are problems), a lover of football but never features on the field unless he is the goal keeper, a video game freak and a very very shy person who talks mores on chats than in person and yes he has a very humble personality. The expression I got from him the first day we meet was really funny and it keeps ringing bells every time we meet.

Samuel Longshak

The second person was Samuel Longshak(his surname never stops amusing me) who mistook me for someone he meet on his interview day and when we finally figured it out, we were already very good friends and excellent partners at solving problems. Contributing to each others life positively, teaming up to work together even if you takes us the whole day. He is a movie freak who never let’s any thing get in the way of his love for movies and he can play for Africa. His composition, collaboration spirit, teaching spirit, humility all rounds up to make him the best person I’ve meet so far and his always trying to kill me(heheheheehe).

Hamdalah Adetunji, Sophia Ebokam, Me , Samuel Longshak

The third person was Sophia Ebokam who was stock with a bug and needed help, I couldn’t resist to help her out and put her through the bug. She is really a very nice lady with a heart of learning. She is a good singer and a lovely team mate. I know my title said four but I just can’t skip Hamdalah Adetunji whose name sounds like Andela :) .

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