Toys, Twitter and Twain. All important things in my world. What I’m reading today.

A key thing left out of some news stories about the latest additions to the Library Of Congress music collection was that “Sesame Street: All-Time Platinum Favorites” would enter the mix. I love all things Jim Henson. This makes me happy. The Washington Post had me covered, though, right down to the headline.

Mark Twain. Smart man. Speak the truth and you can never go wrong, is what I tell my students.

I’m thinking about the Apple watch because I want one. Here’s how media companies should be thinking about the Apple watch, from

Twitter’s new quality filter. Censorship? Self censorship? From TechCrunch.

Utah makes me cringe by bringing back its firing squad. Nope. Not a typo. From Reuters

Toys R Us is finally doing what I thought of when my daughter was born! It was all my idea. From Bloomberg

Kraft and Heinz — cheese and ketchup — a match made in heaven. Two of my favorite things, from The Guardian.

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