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Bringing Innovation Through the 1st of its kind Multi-Node Investment

One of the innovative features of the Merebel Masternode Ecosystem is its unique Multinode Investment. As the name suggests, the multi-node investment pool means spreading investments across multiple nodes thereby hedging your risks while simultaneously collecting payments in Bitcoin for passive income and benefit from the increase in the value of the coins.

Moreover, to run a complete Masternode, there is always a minimum investment threshold involved. Merebel’s investment pool breaks this entry barrier by using a pool and sharing different masternode transformed to a strong Multinode.

This unique masternode pool allows investors to park their money in a number of different masternodes simultaneously while hedging your investment risks considerably. …

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There are multiple ways to skin a cat. The same can be said when it comes to crypto investments. A few years ago, you could generate a fortune simply by mining bitcoins with mining machines or by trading in the crypto exchanges.

The evolution of the industry in recent years has seen the rise in the mining difficulty, stiff competition, fluctuations in Bitcoin prices and the emergence of a constellation of cryptos and blockchain networks each of which comes with its unique characteristics. There is also the halving in Bitcoin to factor in. You will be expending computing power to earn half the rewards per block. While cryptocurrency mining is still profitable, the rewards are getting slimmer and the bar to entry, higher. …

Most profitable Bitcoin mining | a solution that works

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Here we will look at MEREBEL — the unique blockchain bank for passive invome, that removes all technical obstacles to investor participation. MEREBEL enables masternode operators to support the blockchain network and receive block payouts similar to Bitcoin mining without having to invest in expensive hardware.

Earn Bitcoins with Masternodes!

The Merebel ecosystem is equipped with a unique crypto bank, masternode
hosting platform, MultiNode pool, marketplace and with our extensive
Exchange system, so that we enable our members passive
income automatically in Bitcoin as well as other currencies.
The Merebel Bank is a user-friendly blockchain application where you can
store, manage, monitor and trade your crypto portfolio securely. …

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Merebel Ecosystem — A State-of-the-Art Masternode Hosting Platform With Unique Features

With the growing dominance of cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms, investors are curious about new earning opportunities in the market. While the crypto market is very volatile, the blockchain space has got functions that can give consistent and sustainable returns over time.

Yes! you guessed it right, we are talking about masternode hosting services available in the market. Masternode is basically a full-node computing wallet in a blockchain network that is responsible for controlling the security, network transactions and maintaining the overall health of the blockchain.

But the great thing about masternodes is that they provide passive income opportunities to investors. While you might be thinking that being a masternode on a platform will come with its own set of technical challenges, let us tell you that it’s not always true. …

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