Quick question: how do you queue your “thought flow” as the ideas come rushing out, so that your own voice doesn’t become an interrupt?
So cool, Meredith!
Mark Alan Effinger

Always glad to be an inspiration, Mark Alan Effinger, especially when it involves goading — inviting — anyone to try/retry tech tools.

Musing about your question re: dealing with the white water thought rapids relative to voice dictation and my short answer: still working it out.

Scribbling notes is such a deeply grooved habit that I continue doing that — but not as much and not as often. I, too, use Google Keep but dictate rather than type into it. I also dictate ideas/editorial direction, etc. into an email and send it to myself.

Dictating full sentences and paragraphs, usually after swimming to surface of wakefulness after sleep, does seem different from sitting around plugged in and dictating in “verbal bursts.”

At first the “sound of silence” (now you got me using more quotes) was a bit off-putting, possibly because my thoughts felt noisier. But then I realized that was was similar to sitting pencil in hand and staring into middle distance while writing. Did I answer your question?