This is spot on.
Aloha Spud

No 26: Dems are centrists or left-centrist. This! Such crap. Constantly regurgitated by NYT, other MSM and ignorant right-wing and Dem commentors.

Total crap. As you correctly note, Dems are center-right. Hillary for sure. Neocon warmongering and neolib austerity pandering are center right for sure, dressed up with a little identity politics: like abortion only if totally justified cause of rape or incest. Whoo! She’s a real crusader.

And Bernie is a centrist for sure. Odd that Dem and Repub USA-ians consider him a left socialist commie, etc. Shows the stupidity, ignorance and provincialism of USA people. Sadly.

An Irish central banker casually remarked to me 10 years ago, in runup to 2008 election, that Hillary is center-right. Statement of fact. View from Europe. From a banker for Pete’s sake! Duh. And that was a decade ago. Only idiot USAians persist in viewing her and Dems as anything remotely approaching left.

A thing for both Dems and Repubs. Baffling.

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