Please Sir, May I Say A Few Words About Rape Culture?
Caitlin Johnstone

So I forced myself to read the Eric Draitser piece. Was really bored by about 1/3 in, so it was a slog.

His condescension to you Caity, plus his misogyny — and that he twisted and lied about what you’ve actually written — and his weird, pompous, anti-fascist ranting were noteworthy, albeit boring and tedious.

Never heard of this guy before, and I’ve been reading Counterpunch for years.

Am baffled as to why the boys over there decided to get their Underoos all in a twist about you. You would seem to be a fellow traveler. I’ve given them money in the past. Never again. Over the years I’ve been very aware that 90 percent of the articles they publish are by men — generally middle-aged white men — but I’ve given them a pass for it. Nope. Not any more.

They’re misogynists. Clearly very threatened by you, Caity — so, please, keep doing you, lady!

P.S. to Jeffrey St. Clair: No one cares what you are listening to and reading every week. Also, your continued public mourning for Alex Cockburn since he died five years ago is weird. You are correct in understanding that Counterpunch is not the publication it used to be when he was alive. I would have never pointed this out — since your grief at his passing is real, admirable and valid — but for you and your publication’s numerous, bizzarro, misogynist attempts to smear Caity.

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