“Life is a bitch and then you die.” I’ve heard that saying so many times and as I grow in years, I get it. Finally. Not that my life so far has been a bitch. On the contrary, I’ve had a fantastic journey thus far but there have been bitches along the way. Tearing my ACL in college, the pain of birthing four children, the death of my father and grandparents, diagnoses of diabetes, 34 years of marraige….I could go on and on. A bitch, to me is a difficult time or situation that can lead to sorrow or joy. It breaks you down but you learn that you must get up. The years fly by and my health is precariously okay. My now adult children are following their own paths and I confront myself daily with the ever present thoughts of my mortality. My heart aches daily for the senseless killing of people world-wide. Mass shootings, a stampede at a temple leaves 1400 dead, ISIS casualties, etc. What a bitch it is that mankind will never stop destroying life. Killing a lion or elephant for the sake of sport. It’s ridiculous and heart - breaking. I have learned that you forge ahead and make the most of your life. It is hard. It is wonderful. It is frightening. It is a bitch……and then you die