3 Months Since Spur Incident And Spur PR Still Failing At Online PR Hard

This is the first of a series of Case Studies On PR Of The Spur Incident. I will go in much greater detail on the mechanics of online PR and strategies in future articles.

So it has been 3 months since the infamous Spur Incident” that went viral and is still doing significant damage to the Spur brand, the fact it is still damaging the Spur brand online is inexcusable and shows to me that their PR department is grossly ill equipped to actually do PR in 2017.

What strikes me the most is the total lack of knowledge by Spur’s PR department on how the Internet works in 2017, it’s as if Spur’s PR are the Jon Snow of Internet PR knowing nothing.

Shockingly although it’s been over 3 months the Spur Incident still get’s over 2400 views on Youtube daily and not to mention when you search “Spur” you are greeted with 3 of the top 4 results being the “Spur Incident” and the 4th being an incident where a child was almost Kidnapped from a Spur(which is even worse). Best case scenario is that Spur PR awareness to even do 30 seconds of research on one of the fastest growing Social Networks in South Africa and 2nd biggest search engine that is Youtube or worse they knew about this and still are doing nothing. Not to mention this increases the risk for these videos to resurface the next time Spur has popular video.

As for Google, using the search term “Spur”: Is there some good news on this front?

Well kind off, their PR department managed to get any direct mention of the spur incident on the 1st page instead we have 5 results of politicised news articles around the Spur Boycott. For a brand on the scale of Spur for them not to have the 1st page of their search term on Google not in order is really incompetent. This also goes a real lack of basic knowledge of the modern news media and how it works by the Spur PR department.

I will go deeper into the “Spur Incident” and the mechanics involved in Online PR and various strategies that can utilised to avoid falling into a similar situation. So keep your eye out.