Reverse Engineering The New Facebook Algorithm

To those of you not in the know: Facebook has changed their algorithm as far as their Group Features go, you can read about in my previous Medium post here.

In order for you to successfully take advantage of the new Algorithm you need to know what is the main goal of what the Algorithm is designed for. For example the Facebook Page Algorithm is designed to make Facebook more money via advertising which is why Facebook locks the majority of a page’s fans behind a paywall forcing brands and companies to pay money to reach people who already like their pages in turn earning Facebook more cash.

As far as the new Facebook Group Algorithm, it’s design is to get users to spend more time on Facebook, the more time a person spends on Facebook the more opportunity Facebook has to serve them ads. If your group is able get your members to spend more time on Facebook than they than usually do this will trigger the Algorithm to start promoting posts made on your group on more people's timelines and in turn get more people to join your group and if these people spend more time on Facebook due to your group, Facebook will in turn push your group posts on to more peoples timeline.

This is essentially a positive feedback loop something in the past the Facebook Algorithm tried to prevent happening especially on Facebook Pages in order to maximize revenues from advertisers. This is also the reason I am bullish on Facebook Groups and feel why companies and brands need to get in early in order to maximise returns from your Groups.

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