Why is Social Media so important for brands and advertisers in South Africa today?

It’s simple, if you look at most people in most demographics and ages they have one thing in common, they all are going through life with their hunched over looking over on their cellphones, scary thing is even when they are driving.

Chances are if you are targeting taxi commuters with billboard ads most of your intended target market are missing it because their too busy with their cellphones, if you targeting through TV ads if they don’t have a PVR, as soon as the ads come up they gone straight back to their cellphones to chat on whatsapp and bbm or tweet about what they watched, to see what’s going on or to take a selfie on Instagram.

There are so many people today who have their cellphones within arms length 24 hours a day. The vast majority of the time they are on their phones they are socializing either through messaging apps like Whatsapp or BBM or social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Social Media is your gateway into the thing your customers probably love the most after friends and family, hell some of them love their phones more than some family friends if not all. In 2016 you not on your customers cell phones in some way and form you probably wasting your time.

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