Rent the Perfect Audience Response System

An audience response system (ARS) is an interactive tool that links presenters or data collectors to information that is given from a small group or large audience. By combining interactive presentation software, response devices, and receivers, each participant is given their own opportunity to respond in the form of making a selection. Those selections are made on the response device according to the presentation. Once the responses are transmitted to the receiver, they are taken into consideration in graphical form. Those graphs can then be used in analysis and reports.

ARS rentals are becoming a way for more people to access the wonders of this technology along with intuitive training and support. However, there are many different products and options that can be involved in selecting the perfect audience response system. Here are some of those options to consider when planning a rental.

Interactive Presentation Software

There are several types of presentation software. The easiest and most widely used involves PowerPoint. For those with low levels of technology prowess, good ARS rentals offer a simple one-click slide integration that allows for the presenter to insert a question with just a single click on a single slide. For those who would prefer a longer presentation, there is also technology that can link the ARS to slides with existing text or graphics. The presenter just has to use the keyboard to operate the presentation as they normally would. The most advanced software can even allow you to run computer applications in the background, which makes it possible to poll anything on the screen, even videos.

Keypads and Devices

There is a variety of keypads to go with the more simple and advanced software. Each of the devices cater to a different need so it is important to not only check compatibility, but to verify with the rental provider that it is capable of the work that is needed to be done. The most affordable keypads do not have a display screen but are very light and work up to 200 feet away. The most advanced keypads weight only a few more ounces and have a display screen so the audience can confirm their vote. They work up to 450 feet away and have WiFi avoidance technology that allows them to eliminate wireless interference. For those wanting extraordinary technology, companies may rent out iPads (along with staff for support). Depending on the devices ordered, each type of keypad may take different batteries, but the batteries can last anywhere from 6 months to two years.


The reported data from the audience’s responses can be used to track attendance, scores, and answers. The presenter can also make it so that they will be able to see all of the responses to one question, or all of the responses for one keypad. The data can also be filtered into groups like age or gender for in-depth research. Depending on the ARS rental company, they may also work with a client to create their own customized report depending on the filters that the client requests.

Understand the needs for the rental. Whether it is for interactive games and testing in the classroom or surveys and polling in the office, consider renting an audience response system (ARS) to make a presentation more interesting and impactful.

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