Meridian ICO Terms

In this post you find the full terms for the Meridian ICO.

The following questions will be answered:

· When does the ICO take place?
· How is the overall supply distributed?
· What is the price per token?
· Are there any bonuses being offered?
· Which digital currencies are accepted?
· How to participate?
· Is there a refund policy?
· How will the funds be used?

When does the ICO take place?

The ICO starts on 12th October and ends on 12th November, with a hard cap of $15Million

Supply Distribution

Meridian is launching with a total of 125 Million MDN which will be distributed as follows:

Advisors & Partners: 6,000,000 MDN

During the early stages of launching Meridian related services; assistance and advice will be sought from third parties such as engineers, accountants and lawyers in relevant jurisdictions. For continued guidance and support from third party contributors 6,000,000 MDN is reserved.

Early Participants: 9,000,000 MDN

Bonuses are to be offered during the Meridian ICO. To cover this; 9,000,000 MDN has been reserved. All participants in the bounty campaigns and ICO are able to redeem their tokens by registering on our main website;

Meridian Team: 15,000,000 MDN

The Meridian core team will receive 15,000,000 MDN

Bounties & Rewards: 20,000,000 MDN

For the continued support of Meridian, additional rewards and bounties will be on offer once the ICO closes. Participants will be paid from this fund. Initial campaigns such as signature and social media bounties will be extended indefinitely to maintain overall awareness for Meridian services.

ICO Participants: 75,000,000 MDN

In exchange for Bitcoin and other supported digital assets, all participants in the Meridian ICO will receive 75,000,000 MDN.

What is the price per token?

The initial rate is 5000 MDN per 1 BTC.

Are there any bonuses on offer?

There are three stages in which you are able to earn a bonus for participating in the ICO.

Week one: 20% Bonus

Week two: 10% Bonus

Week three: 5% Bonus

Week four: 0% Bonus


20 BTC is exchanged by three separate individuals; a total of 60 BTC

Participant A contributes during week one and receives 120,000 MDN

Participant B contributes during week two and receives 110,000 MDN

Participant C contributes during week three and receives 105,000 MDN

Which digital currencies are accepted?

During the ICO we will be accepting Bitcoin exchanges. Bitcoin deposits will qualify for bonuses.

How to Participate?

You can access the ICO dashboard by visiting

Once you have accessed the website you’ll need to register an account using a verified email address.

This will give you access to your dashboard where you will find your own unique deposit address that you can send all accepted digital currencies to.

Is there a refund policy?

Exchanged BTC and any other altcoin will not be eligible for a refund.

How will the funds be used?

Funds will be used to build the Meridian user base over a sustained and ongoing basis.

Learning from the successes and/or failures of other projects, the most important asset for Meridian will be its overall user base.

Without a sufficient pool of regular users, the longevity of a digital asset is placed at substantial risk — so almost all resources will be directed toward building and maintaining a solid user base.

This will be achieved through practical methods.

The main Meridian proposal is a Bitcoin loans platform through which users are able to use MDN tokens as digital collateral to secure bitcoin loans of higher value. In essence users are given a reason other than price speculation alone to be in regular possession of Meridian tokens.

We will seek to increase the effectiveness of this service gradually and on an ongoing basis through putting together a specialised user experience team tasked with creating a seamless environment for users in which operations can be accomplished at a faster rate than on any other online loans platform.

The goal is to use the blockchain to establish a certain level of convenience that hasn’t traditionally been allowed to exist in the online loans industry.

We forecast that lending the bulk of resources toward establishing the Meridian service and perfecting user experience will earn Meridian a solid user base and as a by-product, this will do a lot to maintain overall speculative value.

More information

To join the Meridian ICO, you are invited to visit where you can register to participate in the Meridian Crowdsale that will take place on 12 October 2017.

Investors can buy MDN tokens during the pre-sale on 12 October 2017, and then trade them on all alternative currency exchanges.