Welcome. This is Meridian.

Meridian represents a shift into a new environment of service based digital assets.

A digital asset that is attached to a service has the unique characteristic of being able to maintain a certain level of demand in both an above or below value climate. This is made possible due to the overall Meridian service: Secured Bitcoin loans.

In short, users are able to pledge Meridian tokens as digital collateral in return for a bitcoin loan of higher value — up to a maximum of 1 Bitcoin. Users that complete subsequent repayments are re-granted access to their Meridian tokens and rewarded with a boost in credit rating, which gains them wider access to loans in the future.

Why Digital Collateral?

Our society has grown to become increasingly interconnected.

Because of the internet, the myriad of local economies that exist in the world have been merged into one global, interwoven marketplace.

Today an individual in Tanzania can conduct trade with someone based in New York within the click of a button… and there are millions more individuals based in the most rural parts of the world that can do the same.

However, it is immensely difficult for an individual to get a loan from an international organisation via the internet — without offering some form of collateral and/or proving credit worthiness.

This is the problem that Meridian proposes to solve.

Using the blockchain to build a database of credit history, Meridian aims to smoothen the process of international lending and to remove the risk of non-repayment from the equation entirely via the exclusive use of Meridian tokens as digital collateral.

Quantifying Behavioural Transactions

Traditionally the use of digital assets has been restricted to price speculation alone.

There hasn’t been an overarching bigger picture of economic positioning behind digital assets that could bring about natural, recurring patterns of behavioural transactions.

Because of this it has been virtually impossible for investors to formulate long term strategies to draw benefits from price movements, since this lack of behavioural transactions has created an environment in which prices move at random and without obvious reason.

By attaching a digital asset to a service, a climate is created in which users cannot interact with said service without first being in possession of the specified asset. This creates a reason other than price speculation for an individual to be in possession of the digital asset in question.

In this environment behavioural transactions are allowed to occur, to be analysed and ultimately to be worked into an overall strategy and/or approach to the market.

Towards The Future

Our goal is to bring about efficiency in international lending through the use of blockchain technology. Meridian is the first step in this direction, and hopefully you guys will come along for the ride!

More information

To join the Meridian ICO, you are invited to visit myMDN.io where you can register to participate in the Meridian Crowdsale that will take place on 12 October 2017.

Investors can buy MDN tokens during the pre-sale on 12 October 2017, and then trade them on all alternative currency exchanges.