You might not need that $15K coding bootcamp
Per Harald Borgen

Hey Per Harald,

thanks for writing. I have looked into some coding bootcamps, and have thought about it. The biggest hurdle would be the cost, relocation, and being able to support yourself for 3 months. Like you said coding bootcamps exclude a lot of people. Not everyone can afford the price tag, especially if you already have school loans you have to pay off. It would be great if there were a free coding Bootcamp in the Boston area, yet there is not. The closest one would be Recurse which is based out of NYC, which is a good 3 hours away from where I live. Even if I did live in NYC, and could support myself for three months without working. I did speak to someone who went through the program awhile ago. They mentioned curriculum was less structured, and which could be good/bad. I agree you have to find what works best for you, since we all learn a little bit differently.

Out of the free online resources that you have you used, what has helped you the most to get up to speed with front-end development?

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