2015 in review

Professionally, 2015 has been a good year. A hard, back-breaking-slog of a year at times, but overall a good year. I have, amongst other things:

  1. Researched, conducted interviews for, and written, a 10,000 word dissertation
  2. Completed a Masters degree, and passed (at Merit)
  3. Successfully interviewed for a promotion at work, and become the Team Leader of a team I have worked in for ten years
  4. Secured funding for a small-scale research project looking at implementing and evaluating Nurse-facilitated Guided Self Help with people with learning disabilities
  5. Attended (and tweeted and blogged about) the fantastic 21st International NPNR conference
  6. Survived a CQC inspection — and found it a surprisingly enjoyable experience
  7. Mentored/overseen three excellent Student RNLDs through their clinical placement
  8. Ran training/teaching sessions for support staff (on meeting the mental health needs of adults with learning disabilities), and student Nurses (on safeguarding children)

I acknowledge that there are many, many changes and challenges ahead in supporting people with learning disabilities within NHS services. I am under no illusion that I have much power or influence, I’m just a little cog in the wheel who tries to do her best day-to-day for the people that we help support. There is a huge shift in culture and power needed across the board, and a continued recognition of and commitment to the value that every person adds to society. But I am proud of the things that I have achieved, and I don’t think that is a bad thing. So allow me this self-congratulatory moment, I promise I will use this as a springboard to continue to help others.

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