Meros Triweekly Update #21

Welcome to Meros’s Triweekly Update #21, covering 8/1/19 to 8/21/19! We’ve worked extensively on Merit Removals and our new RPC (as discussed in our last update), as well as squashing bugs. We are excited to provide an overview of the work that has been done in the past three weeks, and a look into Meros’ immediate future.

We started the past few weeks working on our new RPC. It’s JSON-RPC 2.0 compliant, enabling exchanges and services to interact with Meros in an easier manner than ever before. We chose JSON-RPC 2.0 for this accessibility and support, to make Meros friendly to the people building on it. We’ve also updated our suite of Python tests to not only be compatible, but also verify, our new RPC.

Next, we added BIP 44, a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal for selecting which wallets to use when presented with a HD Seed. By supporting BIP 44, we enhance our compatibility with existing cryptocurrency software, something we will keep doing whenever we can. We also support BIP 32 (HD Seeds), modified for Ed25519 by Cardano, and BIP 39 (Mnemonic Seeds).

After we added BIP 44, we went to work on introducing Merit Removals. Merit Removal is a penalty system used to remove malicious Merit Holders from power, in order to remain a secure and functional system. As one of the most critical and complex parts of the protocol, it is also one of the most difficult to build. We developed Merit Removals using “Test Driven Development”. This means we wrote the tests for Merit Removals before we wrote the implementation. This kept us focused on what we needed and ensured protocol compliance.

While we have merged our work on Merit Removals into the main branch of Meros, there’s still more to do. Before we can finish Merit Removals, which connects to many parts of the code base, we must upgrade our Transactions DAG. This will be our focus for the next three weeks, along with cleaning of our existing code, more RPC methods, and even more Python tests to ensure accuracy and safety.

That concludes our updates for these three weeks. As we have said every time, we’re very excited for Meros’s future, and we will update you soon with our progress.

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