Meros Update #25

Welcome to Meros’s Update #25, covering 11/28/19 to 12/18/19! These last three weeks have led to major improvements to Meros, including 33% smaller Verifications! We’ve also upgraded the process in which we mint Meros, simplifying the process services interacting with Meros, and fixed bugs in our codebase.

The Verifications improvements are possible thanks to replacing our BLS library. We originally used the BLS library written by Chia. While it is extremely easy to use, which is why we originally chose it, it has a very strict set of limitations. Some of these are sensible for the library’s purpose, while others can only be described as oddities. Due to these limitations, we’ve outgrown the library, and have since moved to Milagro. Milagro has been widely adopted by the Ethereum 2.0 crowd and exposes the needed functionality to enable our usage of BLS to reach its full potential.

When it comes to the new minting process, it’s necessary to understand the old system. We used to create one Mint per user, even though up to 100 users could get rewards from a Block. The hash of the Mint was dependent on the user receiving the new Meros and the amount of Meros. Therefore, for a service to track the Mint, they had to manually calculate the entire minting process. In order to simplify things, every Block now creates a single Mint, whose hash is the same as its Block. This singular Mint has one output per user. It’s a much more efficient system that’ll allow us to easily integrate with other services.

Our final update of note is that we closed issue #100. Issue 100 described a scenario in which Meros would break protocol, but it was one-sided. If Meros node A had the issue, B would still be able to match the protocol perfectly. To solve it, we successfully removed the case which would cause the issue. Since it was one-sided, we don’t have to worry about if other node implementations have the issue, as we already follow the protocol correctly in that case.

That summarizes our work over the past few weeks. As we always say, we’re excited for Meros’s future, and we’ll make sure to update you with our progress.

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