Global and Ethnic Conflicts-Week Two

A suicide bomber detonated a car filled with explosives near a police ‘club’ on Wednesday, killing four officers and injuring five civilians. The bomber was associated with the Jihadist insurgency/militant group called Sinai Province which is a branch off of the Islamic State. The detonation was in retaliation of the government’s recent arrests of Sinai women. The Sinai Province also took credit for the recent plane crash of a Russian flight that passed over Sinai this week where all 224 passengers aboard the plane were killed. The Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi stated that the Egyptian government has everything under control, especially in the Sinai region, however in light of recent incidents, his authority on the issue is questionable. The conflict in question this week is between the Egyptian government and the militant group Sinai Province. At its core, this issue is a rebellion of a group against its government much and this is much like the conflict in I am Malala between the Taliban and the Pakistani government. The insurgent group is rebelling because of its own interests and targeting a group that represents what the militant group seeks to eradicate, regardless of weather the insurgents intentions are best for the citizens of their country.

— Emily Stimmann

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