I have two sisters — one human, one furry. I love them both.

My sisters have my back every day. One’s a blonde vegan human, and one’s a purebred English Springer Spaniel. They’re pretty different, but I love them both.

My human sister doesn’t always pee submissively and greet me non-stop for 5 minutes when I get home, but my furry sister will without fail.

It might be a while between haircuts for my human sister. But my furry sister always looks classy (even when she looks like a bear in between clips), and gets frequent compliments from strangers while we’re out for walks.

My human sister may or may not hog all the Netflix logins and fill the fridge with too-healthy snacks (ahem — vegan sour cream), but my furry sister is happy to just veg out on the floor.

My human sister’s work schedule changes weekly, but my furry sister does her work every night chewing a rawhide bone at 8pm sharp.

My furry sister is loyal af and will protect me from dangers such as Dave the Mailman and a child walking past the house on his way home from school. My human sister sits quietly as these dangers approach.

My sisters have different jobs. My human sister wears many hats as a nutritionist, interior decorator, and hostess. My furry sister is a footrest and occasional snuggler until she gets too hot and needs to go lie under the AC vent.

My human sister has accompanied me on trips around the world, while my furry sister has only been on road trips to Baba’s house in Indiana.

Texting, hugging, and talking are my human sister’s preferred methods of communication with her friends, while my furry sister licks her friends on the mouth.

Though they may be a little different, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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