32 reasons why some people are successful according to Multi Millionaire Business Guru Grant Cardone from the 10x Rule Book from Grant Cardone

By William Shortall

If by some reason you don't know who Grant Cardone is, then watch this:

when Grant Cardone wrote and published his book the 10x Rule book

Grant then followed on his successful 10x planner which helps you visualize your 10x goals.

Just before we get to the 32 reasons why some people are successful, YOU need to understand what the 10x RULE is:

The basic premise of the book is that whatever you do in life, business or elsewhere, you should use ten times the amount of your thinking and actions than you would have done under normal circumstances to achieve your goals however your goals should be ten times the normal goals you would have set now you are using the ten times (10X) rule. For more details see my web page here

Chapter twenty two is one of the biggest chapters in the 10x Rule book (in the UK) or direct from Grant Cardone here and this Chapter deals with what takes to make a successful person from an unsuccessful person.

The list of traits of Successful people are:

01: Have a “can do attitude

02: Believe that “I will figure it out

03: Focus on the opportunity

04: Love challenges

05 Seek to solve problems

06: Persist until successful

07: Take risks

08: Be unreasonable

09: Be dangerous

10: Create wealth

11: Readily take action

12: Always say yes

13: Habitually commit

14: Go all the way

15: Focus on the now

16: Demonstrate courage

17: Embrace change

18: Determine and take the right approach

19: Break traditional ideas

20: Be goal-oriented

21: Be on a mission

22: Have a high level of motivation

23: Be interested in results

24: Have big goals and dreams

25: Create your own reality

26: Commit first –figure out later

27: Be highly ethical

28: Be interested in the group

29: Be dedicated to continuous learning

30: Be uncomfortable

31: “Reach up” in relationships

32: Be disciplined

If you have no time to read then the MP3 of the book is for YOU

You should purchase the book to do this chapter justice, Grant states that this list above (Grant gives a good explanation of what he means by going through each trait individually) something you can do by reading the book or listening to the MP3 to give clarity to the list of traits) Grant suggest that these traits should become who you are, not just a to do list, to tick off, when you feel like it.

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