Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone: Why He Is Not Crazy: He is Obsessed And Get this; YOU Should be Too

by William Shortall

This is part three of four blogs on the thirteen chapters of Grant Cardone New book; Part One and Part Two.

The book in the UK or direct from Grant Cardone

In chapter four called “Feed the Beast” Grant gives you some tools on ways you can use to help your obsession. He talks about the constant need to keep going and not have doubts and do not to let other peoples negativity hold you back or has he puts it; feed the beast and starve the doubt… he then says you need to be laser focused on your goals, all the time not just at the New Year’s Day pledges or on some wish list you look at once in awhile, but every morning of every day. You also must have your attention on the future and not the past.

Grant says you must constantly be learning and Grant himself has a series of books, programmes and educational material available, he says you need to understand how the economic beast works (money makes the world go around and you should know the language of money) and the value of money and give an example how some men worked all week and then spent all their money in one night.

Grant also talks about the need to get your money right, focusing on income ninety five percent of the time and expenses five percent of the time. Finally Grant says you need to surround yourself with great people and grow a culture of obsessed people who want success. Start everyday with team sales results meetings and encourage thorougher attention on lack of sales from the work force, while celebrating successes and surround the offices with encouraging motto’s or slogans and Grant list some of these in the book and an example would be “Pressure makes Diamonds” act as motivational reminders.

In chapter five called “Starve the Doubt” here Grant talks about self-doubt being the dream killer for most people. He then talks how a whole industry has built up in self introspection blaming the environment, the family obsessed with problems and negativity, Grant says you fix problems with success, you need to constantly strive for even more success, and he believes, that if you are the smartest person in the room , you are in the wrong room.

Grant says make it clear to people that have doubt and blame in their lives, that they are, (as he puts it) “dead to you”so don’t accept them in your life. Grant however warns you to beware, if self doubt begins to creep back in to your thoughts, it can happen to anyone, even to Grant himself; often this can be misdiagnosed as burnout. You need to be constantly reaffirming your purpose; getting obsessed with your big goals and feed that beast. If you do lose your way, Grant has some advice in the chapter, and asks you to write down the answers to the questions in the chapter, which are on page seventy two of the book, you will have to buy the book to get the questions.

Grant talks about time off and vacations, and states that have white space on the appointment book or sale timetable is the biggest enemy. Grant warns of your internal critique flaring up becoming your own obstacle and again beware of people telling you to take it easy or loved one saying be careful don’t over do it, just be happy with what you have already, which will only hold you back.

Grant talks about feeding on haters and naysayers, professional worrier’s (doctors and insurance advisors etc) especially unsolicited and untested advice givers. Grant finishes with advice on social media do more, then do more again, it’s a twenty four, seven, three hundred and sixty five days, a year planet, there is always room for more. Starve the doubters and stay on track, using the naysayers as a guide and the haters as fuel, as Grant ends the chapter with; the ultimate revenge is success.

In chapter six, “Dominate to win” grant say you need to dominate all area of your life, starting with yourself your think, actions and choices. Grant has written a book on business domination called “If You’re Not First You’re Last” which I have blogged about here.

Grant says it’s up to you to set rules for yourself and your confidence in your own abilities is vital. You must get rid of your limited thinking and wasteful stuff that may dominate your time, don’t waste time on things that don’t matter, your time and focus are precious, pay other people to do, what you cannot do or do not want to do. Grant says the major area that you need to dominate is MONEY.

Grant goes through an excise, listing questions that will reveal, how confident you are and if you are dominating your money. Grant says in the chapter that it’s a myth that it takes money, to make money; in fact it takes courage to make money. It also takes a monster commitment to keep growing and people need to know; how to make money, keep the money and multiply it. People need to dominate the money thinking of their team or someone else will. People need to dominate their area of expertise, be the go to person, for your industry knowledge.

Grant then gives the tip of creating a chart with yourself in the centre and then make a spider diagram put in place (all around the centre), the things that you are an expert or want to be good at, and then draw up two columns one marked professional life and one marked personal life, fill the list and then analyze the categories and think of the benefits they can bring. Use the list to make a statement of yourself and why you should or could dominate (or want too) in that area(s) then use that information to dominate in your brand, at the same time using social media to its full capacity and then more some. If you have more than one income stream from different areas (and you should, Grant has five) Grant sums this up when he says “The rising tide of your effort can lift all the boats of your life”dominating in one area can help lift the other areas.

In chapter seven called “Stay Dangerous” Grant has a phrase “Good things Happen to Bad People and Bad Things Happen to Good People” you should never be complacent about life, work, the world we live all go through cycles up and down. He suggest you should be a stranger and live and work away from your home town, opportunities are out there waiting. Grant points out you do not want to be the be fish in a little pond, you need to get out a mix with the movers and shakers however you should not treat business as if were a popularity contest, business means tough negotiation and re-negotiation if necessary.

Grant also says you have to take risks with your investments, if you are to grow, an example was given live (not in the book) where Grant is buying property for millions that will only return a five percent investment (Grant has a real estate programme every Monday on his own cable network also videos posted or shown live on YouTube and Face Book) called Heron Point, Boyton Beach, Florida, USA but it’s a long term investment that will grow but Grant says the rate is too low to invite other investors to join -in the fund as a part investor programme he runs within his property empire, and notwithstanding Grant has over $400 million in real estate, where the nominal rate of return with (minimal risk) is of ten percent plus, is preferred.

Heron Point

Grant believes in going in big, not thinly diversifying. Spending to grow while focusing on revenue, using all the new types of technology, to its full extent, such as Twitter, Snap Chat etc don’t wait till these platforms have matured, be an early adopter. Assume the role of a successful business person (even if you’re not) staying in a position to exploit any opportunity that may arise.

Never rest on your laurels says Grant, think you have made and start going the country club etc, stay hungry and stay broke. Grant ends the chapter with suggesting that you learn to love fear; fear of new people, fear of a new way of doing things, fear of new ways of making money, and then Grant list eight questions for you to answer, to help you see where you are on staying dangerous.

In the next blog, we will look into chapters eight through to the final chapter of chapter thirteen of Be Obsessed Or Be Average by Grant Cardone.

The book in the UK or direct from Grant Cardone

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