Has Facebook Achieved What AOL Could Have a Generation Ago?
Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary, I agree with your comments, some people already think of Facebook as the Internet with no other reason to go elsewhere, though other apps such a snapchat have created their own world for you to live your virtual life through, competition for attention and eyeballs is never sleeps nor stops.

Change is the constant driver of innovation but total domination is the ultimate goal for a organisation, standard oil was broken up because it monopolistic position, doubt if this will ever happen to Facebook but is this total world of Facebook, a good thing in the long term for the consumer? Coca Cola has Pepsi, is Snapchat Facebook’s Pepsi? Your right to some people their whole is Facebook, so having never to leave while giving the illusion of being able to view other stuff from with-in Facebook world is a powerful open prison.

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