How To Turn An Obsession into Millions

Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone Book summary and Review Blog (This is the final Blog Part Four; Part Three here) from William Shortall.

Broke, jobless and a drug addict Grant Cardone turned his life around, first trying to be, just average Joe, giving up on his obsession of becoming a millionaire, building a business empire and becoming a property magnate but he just went further down hill to rock bottom.

That’s when Grant embraced his obsessions ignoring the haters and people who did not believe and in this book Grant shows how YOU can do the same become Obsessed and not average, which is a failing formula according to Grant.

Failing Formula

This is the final blog, part four of the summary and review of Grant Cardone’s new book “Be Obsessed or be Average” covering the chapters eight through to chapter thirteen.

We ended in part three with chapter seven and we start here in chapter eight, called “Obsessed with Sales”. Grant gives some great tips in this chapter, enough to give the reader some basic reminders of what they should know already. More detail is available in his bestselling book on sales “Sell or be Sold”, this is vital area in any organization as sales are the life blood of any business.

If you have not read “Sell Or Be Sold” not to worry as Grant goes on to give the reader in this book, some valuable and concise points on sales, listing eight points on why you should get obsessed with your product, otherwise change the product, this is a reminder, which is essential for entrepreneurs and small business owners, who can perhaps forget the basics, while trying to do everything else, in order to run a successful enterprise.

Grant then talks about fatal mistakes mangers and organisations always make in sales, listing six questions on this subject for you to answer, there is a sales formula and if you miss a step you will fail. Going all the way, is the only way to close a sale.

Grant goes on to say; you should hold yourself accountable and your team too, listing nine questions to help with this. Everything must be measured, you must quantify sales, everyone must be accountable, and numbers don’t lie.

Grant collects statistics on everything, especially everything to do with sales. Grant talks about nine sections in his customer relationship management software; listed in the book, and if needs be, he will micromanage people by the hour, or have sale reports by the hour and sometimes he has to let people go.

Grant ends the chapter with suggesting that organisations should have sales meeting everyday and gives tips on what he covers, Grant will also lead by example and show sale’s people, how it’s done or he will jump in the sales pitch on the phone call, if he does not like how the sale process is going.

In chapter nine called “Over promise, Over deliver” Grant says when it comes to selling, marketing and branding don’t be modest, but never start a relationship on a lie. You should believe in your product and Grant list four statements you should be doing with that in mind. Grant says you must talk up your product service or idea but YOU must rise up to and deliver that promise, in fact over deliver. You have got to be able to sell the big claim, Grant list three claims that people make but you must be able to deliver on it, Grant lists another three big claims (you will have to purchase the book to find out , what they are), that he can deliver on and in time so can YOU.

Grant says you must make big on performance at higher levels or you will never push yourself.

You have to be all in and fully committed to succeed. In fact Grant says you must commit first and then figure it later. Grant list 7 statements which most people would properly be thinking when making such promises. Grant uses an example with his first ever webinar which he charged for, to explain this concept.

Grant says you must deliver with confidence and makes a list of seven statements, he makes, when doing this with his customers, for your knowledge. Keep revising your pitch Grant says, know who you are and what your value-added proposition is, and then get it perfect, suggest Grant.

Always remember if don’t blow your own horn, why should anyone else? Take advantage of competitor’s lousy delivery, customer service happens before, during and after the purchase, yet organisations still fail on this. Grant quotes four lots of statistics on this to validate his premise, noting that people always believe, what they read more than they believe in what people actually say. Ultimately Grant says you must make your customer, the winner in this exchange, people don’t buy price they buy the product with the best value, that solves their problem or their need. To end the chapter Grant says; tell the customers how great you are, and then deliver on that greatness to your customer.

In chapter ten called “Build an Obsessed Team” Grant talks about surrounding yourself with the best people, theses people must have a belief in you as a leader and be willing to do whatever it takes.

Grant then says that you will never make it as a one person business; you need to hire to expand, you must be obsessed with this as it will help with your business survival. Hiring the right people will make you money suggests Grant, who then talks about how to find the best employee’s.

You’ve got to developing a “culture” where your organisation becomes a place, where everyone wants to work, this is vital, it should also be a place, where you’re always hiring the right type of people, all the time. Grant goes on to give sixteen tips on hiring people, try interviewing them yourself too, where possible and look for people who are motivated beyond money says Grant.

Sometimes you have to let people go and you should reward performance, hire people to grow your business not just perform their job. Above all lead by example, if you want spectacular performance from employee’s it starts with you… being spectacular.

In chapter eleven called “Be A Control Freak” Grant says if you are not in control then someone else is, and Grant talks about leadership versus control, Grant always wants control, and not thought of as just the leader, he wants the “power to determine, predict and influence outcomes”.

The ability to take control and help inspire, improve others to higher levels is a must, only average people refuse to assume control says Grant. Don’t wait for control, take it says Grant. He owns five businesses, but delegate’s managerial tasks while controlling its direction, writing the checks and controlling the environment, to get what he wants. Grant controls both the process and results.

In chapter twelve called “Obsessed with Persistence” Grant lists 10 world famous people who changed from one thing to another, but did not give up, people are at their best, pushing and stretching past the average. Grant states that only quitting is failure and the super successful use failure as fuel, to further the aims and obsessions.

Grant gives the reader some six excises to help develop their persistence muscle. Grant suggests that most people quit just as their persistence is about to pay off, that he nearly did so himself but he persisted and was successful. Don’t try and get it perfect suggest Grant, “just get it done and then get it right!” he ends by saying persistence in the hard times can be a predictor of your success in the future.

The final chapter is called “Obsession Forever” here Grant gives his secret…”focus your efforts on everything that will fuel YOU in the long run…ignore and block out doubt…what gets the most attention will grow…(success, money, power and so on) you have to keep refueling your obsession and Grant gives thirteen reasons to help you clarify this.

Grant reminds the reader to write down their plans daily and then once a month revisits his purpose and rematches them up to his revised potential. Your obsession must mature and grow with you to help your future goals and dreams. Grant ends with more tips such as reaching up for new friends, if you take a vacation, go all in and use it to grow your business, expand contacts and make new customers, don’t though treat it as a break or reward.

Grant also suggests that you use mentors, step outside your reach (looking at but not buying) when viewing ultra luxury cars (inspiration), multifamily housing to rent out to others (16 or more units as another income stream) or other interests you may desire but cannot afford at the moment, and maybe one day you can achieve enough money to invest or to buy them. Pay attention to your health says Grant, be charitable and invest in your further training that will help you achieve your future goals and dreams.

Grant ends with do more than read this book, this is not a weekend thing, it is an entire time thing, an obsession, do it and get your partner on board with you. Grant finishes with a message “I am obsessed and refuse to have an average life…” and so should YOU.

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