It was 20 years ago today for the “Portillo Moment” to become political folklore.

Top Tory Cabinet Minister looses his Political Seat to a Young Labour Rising Star.

Stephen Twigg, joined the Labour party at 15, both perants were political motived with socialist principles. Secretary of his local Labour branch at 17 and Enfield’s delegate to annual conference in 1984 and still only 18, a new labour rising star and a future Labour MP was born.

At Balliol College Oxford stephen was articulate, debating against a then young Liverpool future Tory MP Edwina (Egg) Currie and winning it, at the Oxford Union.

Stephen Twigg now represents the communities of Croxteth, Dovecot, Knotty Ash, Norris Green, Tuebrook & Stoneycroft, West Derby and Yew Tree as the MP for West Derby in the city of Liverpool as of 2017, now looking to be re-elected in the 2017 General Election .

Stephen Twigg took out a Top Tory from political circulation, non other than Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo in what was a still thought of as a safe Tory seat at the time, creating a new saying in politics a “Portillo Moment”.

Portillo a Tory cabinet minister who won his seat Enfield Southgate with a comfortable majority of 15,563 in the 1992 UK general election originally winning it in a bye-election, was unseated by a then 30 year old upstart with no chance of beating him but...

Portillo tipped as as a future UK PM to the then Tory PM John Major was defeated by Stephen Twigg, the results were given at 3am and Portillo was interviewed by the top BBC political interviewer Jeremy Paxman which was painful to watch as Portillo was verbally humiliated by Paxman.

Portillo died a thousand political deaths by interview, hung drawn and quartered, expect no mercy as non is given, just the end of their political life and maybe a start of a new one in business or show business as a presenter, though success is not guaranteed, then nothing in life is and certainly not in politics.

This then gave rise to political folklore of the “Portillo Moment” any cabinet minster or party grande as with Labour’s Ed Balls also found out to his cost, no one is to big to fail, any Goliath can meet their David.

The question is, which political Goliath will have their fate sealed on 2017 UK General Election?

I am a Labour Party Member and Supporter of Stephen Twigg my MP.

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