So your a professional speaker and you want to increase your wealth, health and happiness while doing less by doing more.

By William Shortall

Most professional speakers, who train and motivate people, either for their client’s customers or their own paying customers, (you don’t need me to tell you this) are in fact in the time selling business, selling their time. A lot of their time is traveling from client to client, city to city and country to country. For most professional speakers, this means a lot of wear and tear physically on them as a person and in their lives and in particular their personal relationships with spouses, partners and family.

Don’t Stop

Now, I am not suggesting that you stop doing, what for some people, is a well paid job, that they love doing. What I am suggesting is that you focus on a smaller number of speaking engagements at a higher price while simultaneously still providing all your customers and clients with the same service as you did previously.

Do Both?

How can you do both? Easy you can give less frequent but higher quality speaking engagements and thus spend more time with your family or developing future strategy and or developing other means of income, while ( here is the important bit) still servicing the same number of clients and customers, by using LightSpeedVT cloud based platform.


Well you can and it is a professional, simple and effective program, using a custom made, completely interactive cloud platform virtual training system from LightSpeedVT.

Yeh but…you can use DVD’s to send to people, that’s the same is it not?


The LightSpeedVT has so many advantages over the DVD its embarrassing, let’s look at the advantages;

Custom Set-Up

Your custom system is set up at the studios at LightSpeedVT, see how by watching this video:

In the Cloud

Once you have set up the interactive cloud base programme, your clients and customers can access it via the internet anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, on their computers, mobile phone or tablets were you can then measure, monitor and track how your client customers use your programme and improve or change, if needed to give better value.

Disadvantages of using DVD’s shipping, can be copied, get lost etc

There is no shipping of DVD’s ( carrying no inventory , incurring shipping cost or passing them on to your customers), this system uses a quick, on-line access for you customers to use almost straight away after payment and you can charge your customers on an annual or monthly recurring fee, while being able to target your message to your audience and gather marketing data.

For the client or your customers, you can give a virtual one to one training session from you custom made programme, while you control the pace, preferences and the environment of the training.

On The Shoulders of Giants Of The Speaker World

Who else has used this system? Great question and you will not be surprised to know some of the greats of the professional speaker world such as Tony Robbins, The Late Zig Ziggler, Grant Cardone, to name just a few (see the web site or youtube for a further sample of customers) and YOU could add your name to that growing list of customers.

Not For Everyone

This is not suitable for every professional speaker, unfortunately some speakers will not have enough material, some speakers maybe still improving their craft, some speakers maybe living pay-check to pay-check and not have the means to expand and increase their visibility while increasing their income.


If that situation applies to YOU then keep trying; you will succeed one day and when you have, give the people of LightSpeedVT a call and tell them you are ready now.

Ready now to increase your visibility.

Ready now to increase your income.

Ready now to give value to your clients and customers.

If YOU are ready NOW, then Reach Out to LightSpeedVT at

This is not an advert, there is no affiliate association and there is no payment, it’s just an observation, take it or leave it, it will make no difference to me, but it may do in your life, how will you ever know? There is only one way to find out.

My thanks to Brad Lea CEO of LightspeedVT for the inspiration and leadership.