The Perfect Sales Process


This is about chapter eighteen of Grant Cardone classic sales book called Sell or be SoldHow to get your way in business and in Life, to give it its full title. As grant states time and time again, every business lives by its sales, no sales no business, end of.

Sales Robot Grant Cardone

If they ever end up making an AI sales robot, it will be based on Grant Cardone, of that I have no doubt.

Grant suggest and the rise of one click shopping gives evidence to this, that people have busy lives and the convenience of online shopping means, if they can, they would just rather just interface with a shopping site, rather than with a sales person in a shop.

Grant advice to sales people is to keep the sales short and simplify the process (that sales process should prioritize first the customer, then the salesperson and then finally the management) when you can.

You should be customer friendly and information focused, all that may sound obvious, small firms, mom and pop business don’t always get the basics right. Selling has got to be a fast, easy and transparent process.

Five Steps

Grant suggest a five step process for the twenty first century sales person:

1: Greet

2: find out their wants and needs

3: Select the product and present/build value

4: Make proposal

5: Make the transaction or buyer exits.

The book shows what is expected at each step, with step five which is the close, something we talk about in chapter twelve the Hard Sell, Grant says it in a nutshell “why sell if you cannot close” and that one hundred percent of your income comes from closed transactions.

That all sounds so simple but getting each step right, builds the foundation for the next step, get it wrong and you have a house of cards, that could fall at anytime.

In the book Grant takes you through each step, this book is also available as a video book and audio book.

Some people don’t have the time to read and would like to listen to the extended version for audio or some people especially the those YouTube generation, who like to watch rather than read were possible.

I personally like all three and have bought all three versions, the book is must have for readers but once printed that it for that print run, it cannot be amend or built upon and extended as the other formats can be done, online.

The quick read and pop up video booklet has a summary of all the key points of the chapters and uses the smart phone iPad or tablet to take you from the QR code to a link on the web, where Grant gives you a quick read narrative or you can download the video book as a PDF and click on the QR code links which then goes straight to the video website, to view Grants video narrative and take a ways for the chapter, you have picked (see pic below).

The audio expands into a ten hour session on the book, that the thing with online , you can expand and edit the material instantly and people can download the new version as quick as you can upload it.

If You Paid a Million For It…You would read and finish reading it…

Grant is keen on telling you to mark down in pencil or pen when you start the book on the first page and finish the book within a short space of time, a week to ten days at most, to get the best out of it.

People buy the book , quick read or MP3 and never finish them. People buy the products and then never put in to action, the content and suggestions contained within the book into their sales routine.

Often Grant says this is because people have payed a low price for the product in the first place, they treat the product with contempt.

If they had paid a million dollars for it, they would treat it with respect and finish it and put into action the material and suggestions.

Who knows, use the information right and put it in practice and People could earn a million dollars from the information.

Up above is a screenshot taken from the quick read and video pop up book, from the web site, of Grant talking about the key points and the take a waysthe best sales processes are shorter than longer

The book is available here in the United Kingdom. Sell or be Sold is an outstanding book on sales, business, and life, I will return to it, again, going through particular chapters at my website: Top 100 Business Books, this book made it into my top ten in at book four. More on Sell or be sold on medium here.

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