What Is The 10X Growth Conference 2017?

By William Shortall

This is a Three day Event for Business and Personal Business Acumen Growth Presented By Grant Cardone at the Diplomat Beach Resort Hotel Miami Florida USA.

Diplomat Beach Resort Hotel Miami USA

The Event is taking place on Friday March 17th-19th 2017 and includes some 20 or more speakers ( mystery guest Sunday)all who will give a fascinating in-sight in to how they achieved their success and HOW YOU CAN too.

What YOU WILL Learn from the Conference:

How to Grow and Scale Your Business to 10X Levels
How to Create Multiple Flows of Income
Use Click Funnels and Digital Marketing
Combine Internet Sales and Retail Sales
Become a Celebrity In Your Space
Increase Sales and Margins
Build a Real Business
How to Hire and Keep Great People
How to Create a 10X Culture
Create the Confidence to Make Real Moves
Millionaire Strategies to 10X Your Business
How to Find Investors
How to Sell and Hire Millennials
How to Maximize Social Selling

Day One: Sales Summit

After the initial registration, the first speaker on day one; Friday March 17th will be Kevin Harrington, the original shark on ABCs hit show Shark Tank. The day will focus on big-time CEO’s of huge companies culminating with current Shark Tank contributor Daymond John, the creator of $6 billion-dollar FUBU clothing line.

Kevin Harrington

Other Speakers On that Day:
As well as Kevin Harrington, there will be Tom Cummins, Jack Jackintelle, Bobby Castro, Brad Lea, Victor Antonio, Andy Frisella, and Daymond John.

Some speakers will also answer a question and answer session with host Grant Cardone and then there will be a CEO panel Q and A.

The VIP guests will Lunch will Grant Cardone and attend the Private Yacht Party. While other event attendees can go to the Welcome Event.

Day Two: Market And Media Mastery

On Saturday March 18th 2017 Day 2 will have Russell Brunson revolutionizing how you sell things online. Next, a series of the best motivators on the planet will inspire you to achieve your full potential and take your business to new heights.

Russell Brunson

Other Speakers On that Day:

Danelle Delgado, Russell Brunson, Les Brown, Roddy Chong, Chelsea Krost, Jamie Shanks, Lewis Howes, Tim Grover.

Some speakers will also answer a question and answer session with host Grant Cardone. Premier VIP guest will attend the Cocktail Party at Grant Cardone Residence on Saturday after that days event.

Les “You gotta stay hungry” Brown, Motivational Legend

Day Three: Ideal Business And Life

On Sunday March 19th 2017 Day Three and the Final Day of the Conference. This will tie together some of the concepts you will be learning about through the weekend. Business Strategist Jay Abraham will close the afternoon with a 2-hour Q&A session with Grant Cardone that will be worth the ticket price alone.

Jay Abraham

Other Speakers On that Day:

Elena Cardone, Hank Norman, Gloria Mayfield Banks, Jarrod Glandt, Grant Cardone, Tim Storey, James Barbour, Jay Abraham.

Elena Cardone will open the final day as first speaker and Grant together with the mystery speaker will close the conference.

Some speakers will also answer a question and answer session with host Grant Cardone. At the last session Grant will round up the event for this year and watch out for a special mystery guest.

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