Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Going from a creative services startup to a tech startup has been an interesting experience. We understand agency life; We can manage “most” creatives; We can manage creative projects; and we can manage “most” clients.

A tech startup is different. There’s a lot we don’t understand (yet); so many opinions, so much feedback, so many models, so many approaches.

But there’s one thing we do understand: none of what we’re building would be possible without our awesome developer “Waleed” (aka Wally).

We met Wally over a year ago and hit it off right away. He joined almost exactly 1 year ago, and despite his fear of robots “taking over the world” we’ve taken him in and have a great relationship (btw, he’s getting counseling for the robot thing).

Even though the rest of us don’t have a technical background, we “get each other”. It is absolutely priceless to have a tech person who doesn’t just code all day long, but also understands the big picture. Wally “gets” the business side as well as the technical side.

There’s still a ways to go but we’re about to “ship” our product and put it in the hands of real human beings with real opinions. We’re very excited, but also sh*%ing our pants which is a good sign (I think). It’s time to learn more, grow more, and Wally, I’m afraid, code a lot more too.

Wally, thank you for all that you’ve done so far. Thank you for your patience, and thank you for getting help about the “robot” thing.

Go Metaphorio!

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Originally published at on August 19, 2015.