Snapchat gets an upgrade


Is back at it again with a new update to their wonderful app. They have figured out we want to have memories of our trips. With this in mind, the Snapchat app has introduced a feature where the people on the same trip can post to and it would be a collective story. These posts stay on the story will be viewable for a limited window of time.

People can customize snap stories around a specific events or location. For example, like at a wedding or going hiking. For example, If people are at a wedding and everybody is posting snaps about such wedding. Snapchat will use the wedding’s location and let certain people in that same location see the story.

To create your story with this new feature:

  • Swipe to the stories page
  • Tap on the “Create Story” button on the top-right
  • Name your group story

Snapchatters can add users by their user handle to add content. Have fun using this new feature and create Wonderfull new memories that will last a long time.

Originally published at The Dapperman Project.