Cross-Country Moving: A Packing Guide

Pay money for delivered bubble wrap

One month before moving day

  • Pack enough of your wall-hanged art to feel like you’ve made progress, but not so much that your apartment looks like it is inhabited by a sociopath
  • Optimistically leave your immersion blender unpacked, as you still believe you will wake up the next day and be the kind of person who makes kale smoothies every morning for breakfast
  • Wash and fold all summer clothes and delicately place in boxes
  • Print out a gym schedule and tape it to your fridge, highlighting the Saturday morning spin classes

One week before moving day

  • Begrudgingly unhang and pack the remaining framed decor, carefully bubble-wrapping each one
  • Tentatively sniff half-used container of drinkable smoothie yogurt; recoil, and place back in fridge
  • Agonize over what clothes to leave unpacked for your road trip; give up, watch Real Housewives of New York until you fall asleep on the couch
  • Decide against canceling your gym membership just yet because you still feel like you might make it to Zumba Monday night

One day before moving day

  • Realize you forgot to wrap up all your small photo frames on your desk and dump them into a spare box
  • Fling unopened bag of kale into garbage
  • Heave laundry, clean or otherwise, into Hefty bag and throw into the trunk of your car
  • Forget to cancel gym membership until you notice three months after you move that you’re still being charged by L.A. Fitness Portland

Meryl Williams is a writer who is moving from Portland, Oregon to Columbus, Ohio in 10 days. Sign up for her TinyLetter.

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