Looking for Something/Nothing/Everything

For the past few years I’ve felt a lot of Nothing, so I’ve started looking for Everything.

I’m looking for happiness.

I’m looking for love.

Looking for money, purpose, peace.

Looking for God, Myself.


I don’t remember looking for so much as a child. Back then it felt like Everything was already there. Maybe Everything was. Or maybe I was too busy living to worry about looking for the answer.

Maybe that is the answer.

I “do” so much more things now that I’m older, but most nights after I get into bed I feel an emptiness fill me.

But can One really be filled with emptiness?

Emptiness means None.

I am One, not None.

So maybe I’m not filled with Nothing.

And even if I am, some people say Everything is Nothing.

That’s Something.

Something. We search for it when we think we’ve lost it. We believe Something is gone just because we lose sight of it. That doesn’t mean Something isn’t there.

There’s got to be Something.

If not, then Nothing.

So if Something is there, and Something is part of Everything, then Everything must still be there itself. If it isn’t, then Nothing is there, which would mean Everything is too. I guess all this looking has been for Nothing, which is Everything, which includes Something.

I’m not sure if it helps knowing.

But I do know one thing.

I’ll have to keep looking.

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