Photo: Merzmensch / From: Exhibition of Pedro Warnke

Save the Vanishing Art

Dellschau, Vivian Maier, …?

Always the same story: there is an unknown artist, who works very intensely on his / her projects. Then his / her oeuvre is going to be thrown away on dump / disappear among articles for compulsory auction. And only per coincidence the masterpieces are saved.

I want to name just two of them:

Charles AA Dellschau — a Prussian butcher immigrates to USA in 1850ies. He begins in his 70ies to write his mysterious memoires and makes thousands of collages with enigmatic aircrafts — 20 years long till he is 92 years old. He dies. His oeuvre is collecting dust at the attic. Then it is thrown out to dump. Fortunately it is saved. And now we have a huge and unique collection of his fascinating semifictional story about secret societies and human urge to fly.

Aero by Dellschau from:

Vivian Maier — born 1926 in New York. (Previously) Fully unknown amateur photographer. Silent but ardent she documents the life of USA and the world many decades long —in many 100.000s photos. Then 2 years before she dies, her properity from a storage locker [she is not able to pay her fees] — and her ouvre, mostly undeveloped — ends up in foreclosure sales, and is discovered. And she is one of the most famous photographers now. Posthumous.

Photo by Vivian Maier

How many artists remain in Oblivion of history? How many their works end up in the abyss of rubbish fields? How many ideas, creativity, inspiration disappears in the Lethe? Just because nobody cares in that moment.

We have to move through our world with widely opened eyes. We should save the vanishing art. Vanishing thoughts. Vanishing lifes.

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