Why I’m a Christian (And Continue to Suck at Being One)
Benjamin Sledge

I grew up being a Christian. I have never been requested to burn or break my CD’s. I have probably been told to keep my eyes open on what comes from “the world" and what comes from God and as a modern Christian I really think the key is to find some kind of honest balance between the two.

Hi, judgemental Christian speaking.

I think I’m tired of people walking into institutionalized religions expecting them to fit perfectly whatever standards they have. I think this is asking too much.

I think I’m kind of tired of people with some kind of identity crisis we all have at some point, trying to find answers then deciding Christianity is not one of them, because of other people being judgemental to them, or people supposed to be perfect and then they are not, and then Christianity is a lie, and then Jesus was even black in the first place.

What’s interesting, with my judgemental-Christian’s definition of the word judgemental, is by the time you’ve used this word, you’re being what you accuse other people of.

So actually.

You came across a young homeless begging for money. People ignored him, and you were thinking about how the pastor would react to this, and then you met some tattooed men, and then you probably met a bunch of other people after that.

People ignored that man probably because it was not their time nor their place to help him. You noticed him and probably became one of these people. But you expect Christianity to keep you in your sinner comfort zone. The zone where you you can be whatever you want to be, criticize whoever you want to, probably throw some random kindness here and there then when you realized the world is a terrible place and somebody, somewhere can always be worst than you are, rely on that to make as little change as possible in the way you act/think/give love.

And the hypocrite, in all that is, is the pastor.


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