How to be Remarkable on Social Media

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We’ve talked about personal branding — the what, the why and the how — and we’ve hopefully given you a lot of tips towards building a great LinkedIn profile. We’ve also talked about how and where to find great content you can share that will help build your personal brand.

Now, in the fourth and final part of our guide to becoming a social media star, are our three great tips to ensure you stand out from the rest.

1. Always, ALWAYS add your opinion

PLEASE, we beg you, don’t just share a link to a story. Always add your opinion on why you are sharing this information. It helps to add value and enlighten your social community.

Tell people why you value the information you’re sharing and what you took away from it from it. If you think it could inspire you to make a change in how you do business, tell people that too.

Over time you’ll build yourself into a valuable resource for your community — someone they want to hear from. If you don’t add an opinion, your connections will just scan past you when looking for great information.

Remember, everyone wants a shortcut to great information — you can be that shortcut!


T — is it True?

H — is it Helpful?

I — is it Inspiring?

N — is it Necessary?

K — is it Kind?

In the previous blog post, we discussed the maximum amount of time you should be posting on social media, which was three times a day. Less is perfectly acceptable.

Whatever length of time you spend on social media, always be constructive when interacting with people on social media. If you don’t agree with what someone else is saying, that’s fine, but open a conversation with them. Always discuss your different opinions in a professional manner.

Equally, social media is not the place to rant about your work, colleagues, customers or partners. We’ve all seen people in our networks rant, and quite simply, it is unprofessional. Please resist using any social media platform for this. It does not make you look good.

3. Join the giving economy

While many consider social media a platform to build their own personal brand, they are missing the critical piece, which is elevating their community — colleagues, employees, customers, partners and friends.

Here are seven ways you can give back and be part of the giving economy

  1. Publically praise an employee for a job well done
  2. Share or comment on a blog a colleague has written
  3. Interact with a customer who is sharing some valuable insight relevant to your industry. This demonstrates you know them and understand their challenges
  4. Promote an article published by a partner (if it’s aligned to your business). This helps celebrate a great partner
  5. Share a thought leadership article an influencer has published that you agree with. You can also comment on why you think the information in the article is of value
  6. Interact with a journalist, writer or blogger and praise them for the articles they are writing
  7. Comment on a friend’s post, it can help that friend elevate their personal brand

Here are seven things you receive in return

  1. Higher employee retention and recruitment — because people want to work for a business where employees are valued
  2. Loyalty from colleagues, because they feel valued and respected
  3. Increased customer retention and loyalty. You’ll see customers becoming advocates and champions for your business
  4. Better integration with partners, because they see that they are valued by you
  5. Stronger relationships with influencers, because it’s hard to be critical of someone who is nice to you
  6. More media opportunities, because journalists are people and they like working with someone who respects and values them
  7. Deeper friendships and respect, because friends always appreciate it when their community supports them

These three tips will help you stand out on social media today. Building a personal brand is one of the greatest professional opportunities you have today. You can build the future you want on the back of a strong personal brand, and that is what makes it so powerful.

Remember to THINK, always ALWAYS add your opinion, and join the giving economy. If you do this, you will shine.

Good luck.

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